I'm Aubrey....

Web developer, graphic designer, decent person.
These are a few of my favorite things: puzzles.
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Nice to meet you.

After growing up in Virginia Beach, I attended the University of Virginia where I concentrated on media theory as well as classical and digital studio art. My next chapter brought me to Norfolk where I joined the marketing world as a graphic designer, acquired an appreciation for Victorian architecture, and started a modest collection of cats.

The more I designed for digital platforms, the more I wanted to understand how the gears were turning. As I learned how developers brought my designs to life, I was hooked. I enrolled in General Assembly's Web Development Immersive program where I learned the basics of full stack programming and fell in love with front end development. The rest is history.

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<Form> meets function( );

All syntax aside... what I love most about web development is the magic of taking your vision for a project and rendering every last pixel in its perfect place. When I start a new project, form comes naturally first: the functionality is always defined by the anticipated user experience. With the user always in mind, I'm drawn towards building applications that simplify technology and improve people's lives.

LRN Trivia Quiz

LRN Web App

HTML | CSS | JQuery | JQuery UI

For this project, I created a trivia-style quiz for Lynnhaven River Now (LRN), a nonprofit organization that works to protect local waterways in my hometown of Hampton Roads. LRN has a program that encourages households to meet a quota of sustainable practices, but they lacked a fun/dynamic way to share these tips online. This app is designed as an educational tool for residents of all ages to learn more about sustainability.

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Dreamscape App

Dreamscape App

HTML | CSS | JQuery | Ruby on Rails | Heroku

For this Ruby on Rails project, I wanted to create a dream-tracking app that I could see myself using every day. This is a 3-model application structured with RESTful routes, validation confirmations, and error-handling throughout for a user-friendly experience. For a quick demo of the full functionality, check out the screencast I recorded.

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The FemiList

FemiList App

HTML | CSS | JQuery | ReactJS | JSON | Third-Party APIs

The FemiList is for anyone who wants to Netflix and chill but also challenge the patriarchy at the same time. Inspired by my interest in media representations of gender, this app allows users to search movie titles to see general information about the film alongside its Bechdel rating, which rates a film based on female character development. This app is a collaborative effort, made with fellow General Assembly grad Marc Fournier, and we used two separate third-party APIs to gather this data.

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Trumpy Cat App

TrumpyCat App

HTML | CSS | JQuery | ReactJS | JSON | Third-Party APIs | First-Party API | Ruby on Rails | Heroku

Trumpy Cat was born out of an overwhelming appreciation for cat pictures and a strong amusement for Donald Trump's political campaign – which I anticipated would also appeal to at least 98% of the internet. For this project, I decided to host my own cat picture API here to use alongside a third-party Trump quote API.

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